Tyson Fury V Deontay Wilder

Tyson Fury had an amazing comeback fight which may not have been displayed by the judges cards. However everyone that seen it bar some of the judges know that Fury was on the side of a bad decision which again plays doubts in to ‘away’ fighters minds when fighting in the US.

Fury showed what he is made of having got up from two knockdowns. The second knockdown which had seen Fury struggling to regain consciousness whom suddenly out of nowhere rose  from the ground and battled on to finish the 12th round in spectacular fashion.

The fans at Staples Center in Los Angeles was treated to a boxing spectacular. The fight had seen Wilder trying to anticipate too much on what Fury was about to do and not follow his game-plan. Fury was simply boxing clever and avoided many of the attacks by Wilder. 

Fury has battled many demons the last few years and to overcome them to the level he has in the ring is simply astonishing. He is living example of what can be achieved by anyone that is going through some seriously tough times suffering from depression coupled with substance abuse to compound the depression. He has given hope to those suffering from severe mental illnesses that they do have a chance to beat it by getting the right help.

The judges split decision has most certainly ruined the greatest comeback of all time.

The scorecards told a different story : Judge Alejandro 115-111 to Wilder, Robert Tapper 114-112 to Fury and UK Judge Phil Edwards had it 113-113.

Now with talks of a rematch in place it makes for an even bigger fight for which Fury surely has had his tuneup fight back onto the World stage which makes for huge clash for the rematch.


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