Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Analysis

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has come with substantial outstanding and comprehensive features that could mesmerise any mobile lover easily. However, this is not the only fact for being as much alluring, the reason is, Samsung has released its S9 Plus after considering a bunch of factors, and that is why it is now one of the top preferred mobiles for everyone. Let’s see why it is more famous than other phones such as iPhone XS.

Samsung Galaxy S9 plus has been released officially in March 2018. The gadget has come with some advanced features along with the stylish look. Its body dimension is genuinely convenient and exceptional in comparison with other newly released devices. It is indeed a blessing for large screen lovers as the S9 plus has landed on the mobile market with the 6.2-inch dynamic screen although its overall weight is only 189 grams. Gorilla glass 5 is available on the front and backside with aluminium frame.

We have been observing Samsung Galaxy S9 plus for a couple of months to identify any drawbacks or less performance comparing it with other mobiles such as Google Pixel 2 or LG G7 ThinQ, but we did not find any bizarre changes.

Now, let’s talk about camera of the mobile. The Samsung Galaxy S9 plus is the worthwhile and enchanting device amid other available devices considering its camera’s performance. It’s low-light photos, and big screen are two prominent features that could uphold the whole gadget perfectly. If you think about the aperture, it can be said that Samsung Galaxy S9 plus is the only mobile with such a wide aperture. It’s low-light and noise-defeating powers can work smoothly rather than other mobiles such as Google pixel 2 or LG G7 ThinQ with their available AI cameras. The Samsung Galaxy S9 plus has come up with dual lens camera as well as giving the same telephoto capabilities of the previous year’s Galaxy Note 8. Its primary lens is also able to capture slow-motion video at 960 frames per second.
It has come with OS 8 (Oreo) where chipset Snapdragon 845 is available. This electronic gadget has come with 6 GB ram. You can enjoy it an outstanding performance. On the other hand, internal storage as 64, 128 and 256 GB is available. So, you can select preferred configured for the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus. Another outstanding feature of this mobile is, it has active noise cancellation with dedicated mic. As a sensor functions, you can get Iris scanner, fingerprint (rear-mounted), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, heart rate, SpO2.

Let’s talk about other crucial and prevalent features. First of all, Samsung Galaxy S9 plus has landed with a strong fixed battery. You can get non-removable li-ion 3500 mAh battery. On the other hand, eight colours are available for Samsung Galaxy S9 plus and these are Midnight Black, Coral Blue, Titanium Grey, Lilac Purple, Burgundy Red, Sunrise Gold, Ice Blue, Polaris Blue. 

Last but not least is, you should not confuse Samsung Galaxy S9 plus with other available mobiles. Because it is indeed a unique device for mobile lovers. After launching this mobile, Samsung company gained noteworthy revenue within a few days, and it is likely because, before landing on the market, users were enthusiastic for the mobile. However, still, it remains one of the top choice mobile.


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